playing in the creek

This last weekend we made our first trip up to Ann Arbor to visit our Shakespear cousins. We had been planning on visiting a splash park but the sun didn't come out for that. Instead we decided a picnic at the park would be just as fun. Lucky for my kids there was a creek at the park. Andrew was actually in the water within 2 minutes of getting out of the car. Anne shortly after we ate. As we got in the car to drive away both kids realized that they never actually played on the playground...maybe next time.

I love love love this picture of my cute nephew Hunter. He found this mud puddle and went at it.


Megan and Jeremy said...

I'm so glad you guys could come up! We all had so much fun...I may have to steal a couple of those pictures of Anne and Buddy for my records :)

Scott & Marcie said...

How fun to play, without direction, or some other outside influence. Great pictures!