Last Saturday we took a trip up to Kirtland, OH. We had a lot of fun and learned so much about church history. I loved being there because I had read so many times about things that happened here but to actually see it really brought it to life for me.
Newel K. Whitney's store. Joseph and Emma lived here for a while. Emma had her first very own kitchen here. The Word of Wisdom was also revealed here and the School of the Prophets took place here. So amazing.

This was Newel K. Whitney's home right across from the store. I loved this home right away because of the color. Didn't Anne Whitney have great taste? Come to find out that yellow paint while bright and beautiful was the most expensive paint in those days. The Whitney's were quite well to do. They used so much of their own money to fund the early endeavors of the church.

The Kirtland Temple. It was amazing to see. We were sad though to see it in such disrepair. Not horrible but not as it should be.

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Scott & Marcie said...

It is so fun to actually see things that you've only seen in pictures. Kind of gives you a thrill, doesn't it!