The other day on our way home Anne said, "I want a Easy Bake Oven." When I asked why she said it was because she wanted to learn how to bake. I told her why buy a easy bake oven when you have a big one right in the kitchen right? So the other day when it was rain instead of sun I decided it was time to start learning. She wanted to start out with cupcakes...she did the whole thing herself. She said more than once, "I will be such a good mom because I will make cupcakes for my kids." She cracks me up.

I think this was her favorite part.

Andrew helped with the sprinkles.

Aren't they beautiful?


Daniel B. said...

She's not kidding. Cup cakes almost make the mom. Britt makes the most fantastic (and from a dozen different recipes), and she's a fantastic mom. Must be a law of mom-hood.

L C M said...

I want a cupcake Anne.

Scott & Marcie said...

WOW Anne!! You did a beautiful job, looks like Andrew couldn't wait to try one!! Cute shirt too, I like the green bows. Really good sprinkles, Buddy!!

BBB said...

They are beautiful! What a cutie cupcake girl.