pirates game

For his birthday Zac wanted to go to a Pirates game. We lucked out, it was "free hat" night too. The "G" stand for The Homestead Greys - it was the old Negro Team back in the day. We got to the game then realized my camera's battery was dead - thank goodness for my awesome camera phone. We ate 1 dollar hot dogs, peanuts, sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and cheered very loudly for the Pirates. They won too! What a good night. The only sadness came when we had to leave after the 7th inning stretch, after all Zac still has to work tomorrow. We love baseball!


Scott & Marcie said...

We love baseball, too!

Scott & Marcie said...

It was fun to talk to Anne and Buddy tonight, they sure had a good time at the game. Cute hats too! How did the pirate shoot hot dogs out of a gun? Some one explain that one to me!!

Nicole Johansen said...

Pirates games are such good deals! And so fun! I just found out that you can get a free ticket for registering your birthday at pirates.com/birthday. Plus each additional ticket is only $10. Everyone in the family can register separately too!