the BIG day

What a beautiful day is was. Everything was so perfect. We all awoke early to get ready. Zac went down to the church to fill the font. Grandpa Howie took Andrew down to the park for a baseball game. Jackson took a really good nap and the rest of us got ourselves ready. I wish I could say I was running around doing useful things but do to an unfortunate incident with the front porch stairs I was ordered to sit on the couch all morning with my foot up. So hard to do on such a important day. We all drove to the church and arrived with just the right amount of time to take pictures and prepare. The whole program was so perfect. Grandma Darlin gave a talk on Baptism then Anne was Baptised. I love that she was able to wear the dress I wore when I was baptised. It brought back such sweet memories for me. After Anne quickly dressed she and I sang "The Baptism Song" then Grandma Sweetheart spoke on the Holy Ghost. Anne then received the Holy Ghost and made sure to give everyone in the circle a hug. She was so happy and sweet to everyone and we are so glad she made the choice to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I can already tell that she is trying to make good choices.


Scott & Marcie said...

What a special girl to go with the special day. We love you Anne!

Megan and Jeremy said...

It was such a nice day! We're so proud of Anne & her great example & are so glad we could be there :)

Scott & Marcie said...

So glad we could be with you on your special day, Anne. What a good example you are to your brothers and cousins. We are very proud of you.