We lived in DC five years ago. We had to get back to remind the kids of where we started. It was a added bonus to have the chance to visit the temple while there. Off we went. I was so worried that the kids would have a hard time "doing" DC because it is impossible to see DC without walking a ton. Zac had faith in them though...in his words..."don't worry, I have been building up their endurance." (Zac takes the kids on REALLY long walks in the park near our house) He was right. They were awesome. The walked and walked and walked...kind of like the pioneer children.

This one didn't walk but was so amazing. It was hot but he didn't complain. He just chilled in his stroller and enjoyed the ride. Here he is chilling on the grass along the National Mall. Both the kids were confused why there wasn't any stores at this mall...

Isn't she beautiful?

OK...I have to explain the look of sheer excitement on Andrew's face. One of his favorite movies is Night at the Museum 2. When he found out we were going to the Lincoln Memorial he went crazy with excitement. When we were walking up the side walk to the memorial he was so excited. We ran to the top of the stairs and he ran to the front and just stood in front of the statue. He ran back to me and said, "Mom, when is he going to come to life?" Andrew was convinced that Lincoln was going to wake up and talk to him. He insisted that I read the Gettysburg Address to him too. After I read it he asked, "Mom, is President Lincoln the prophet?" No, I told him but a wise man. So thank you Hollywood for getting my little guy so excited about history.

It was so HOT that day.

WWII Memorial...the kids were cooling their feet.

Jefferson Memorial...we were exhausted by the time we got here. Zac was nice enough to walk back to the car and then pick us up.

After seeing how big the White House was, Anne wished that her dad was the president.

The real reason for our trip. It was so nice to go to the temple. Zac did a session while I stayed in the hotel with the kids then he took them to a park while I attended a session.


Harmony said...

Looks like fun! You should have called your cousin Joy to see if she could babysit so you could go to the temple together. (She's working out there for the summer.)

Scott & Marcie said...

Love the pictures, looks like a great couple of days. I still remember my first view of the DC Temple - at night, all lit up - from the freeway. Quite inspiring!!