8 months

Jackson is 8 months today. He is growing up too fast. Here are a few facts about Jackson today:
As of today he has 3 1/2 teeth. He is crawling around everywhere and getting into everything he can get his hands on. His favorite toys are paper and electronic devices. If we sit down to the table and he is drinking a bottle then he is done with the bottle and wants what we are eating. He is crazy about his Dad. He still is the best baby. He really just goes along for the ride. He is starting to pull himself up to thing while on his knees and even got onto his feet yesterday...ahhhh! He says "OOHHH" when he sees something he likes. His blue eyes attract attention where ever we go. We love him like crazy around here. Don't know what we did before him for entertainment.


Anjuli Fry said...

Oh my!!! I need this picture for Mom and Dad's wall!!!

Scott & Marcie said...

What an angelic face!!