Saturday we went downtown to see the holiday sites. It was soooo cold! We tried to catch the Trolley but missed it so we walked. We tried to take the horse drawn carriage but found that we had to sign-up ahead of time. Bummer. But we did see Santa - Anne rolled her eyes and said, "Remember Mom...I don't believe in Santa any more." Andrew said, "Mom, he is NOT the real Santa...but I will sit on his lap anyway." The Santa was great. He told them they shouldn't jump on the furniture (thanks Andrew needed to hear that) and he told them to obey their mom. It was funny-anytime he jumped on the furniture or disobeyed, he quickly stopped and said "Ooh-Santa told me not to do that."

We next moved on to the 500+ ginger bread houses displayed down the street. They were amazing. The kids loved looking at all the creative houses made by local schools and organizations.

When Andrew saw this one he said, "LOOK, O-Rock Obama!"

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Scott & Marcie said...

Thank you for a wonderful, fun weekend! My favorite comment of the entire visit was "O rock, Obama"! I still laugh out loud every time it crosses my mind!!