As most of you know, Anne broke both of her wrists a month ago. A few people out there have asked for pictures of her casts, so here you are. Anne wouldn't give me a normal picture...sorry. She is getting pretty good these days about doing things with her left hand...she might come out of this able to use both hands. We can't wait till next week. She gets the pink one off the day before we leave for Texas. The other will be on for 2-3 more weeks after we get to Texas.

In the days right after she got her casts on Zac and I spent a lot of time with Anne writing her homework out for her while she told us the answers. Her fingers were too swollen to write. Now she is writing with her left hand.


Sherrie said...

That is no fun! Hope you guys are enjoying the last few weeks before you move :)

Scott & Marcie said...

Sweet Anne, you've been so brave and we haven't heard a word of complaint. We're excited for you to get them off.

Liz said...

How did Anne break her wrists? By the way, now I remember that you were moving to San Antonio. Hope you like it! Pat is going to be there for OBC-I mean OBLC-Aug 22 through October 20th or so. I am going to go out and visit him while he's there, at least once . . . perhaps we could see you too?