National Aviary

Over Christmas break we took the kids to the National Aviary. I was ready for some really smelly birds and a lot of bird poop. Yes, there was both but it really was a fun day trip. It was pretty fun. We each got to feed a bird. We held a meal worm in our hand and the birds swooped in for the food. One landed on Zac's hand and one decided to make a temporary nest in my hair. Sorry no picture of that one.

Jackson loved all the birds. Good thing they are fast because they were in for a lot of touching.

Both the kids brought their note books to draw sketches of the birds.

My personal favorite. Isn't it majestic?

We called this one Gertrude McFuzz...anyone read that story?


Scott & Marcie said...

What a fun day trip! Yes, we know the story of Gertrude Mc Fuzz, and I do wish we could have seen the temporary nest in your hair Joy! I LOVE how your kids love to draw!!

L C M said...

Fun pictures and Jackson is doll. I miss looking at him all the time. Sigh. Such a beautiful little boy.