Happy Labor Day!

The kids and I set out early this morning knowing that we needed to get to our favorite beach early if we wanted to get a parking spot...but alas we were too late, the spots were already filled and at 8:45am! So we turned to the next best thing...the pool.

I have to say I am missing the days when we used to just get up and go swimming at the pool or beach. Ever since Anne has been in school we have missed our spontaneity. Today we swam and swam and swam. Actually I had a hard time getting the kids to leave but I knew we had reached the time quota and our sunscreen soon would protect us no more. Love the pool - love the sun!


mollie said...

I'm with you! Kennedi started on Tuesday and I am the one crying...I think once Klare starts too, it will be better. I must say I just LOVE all your sunny swim pictures!

Elizabeth C said...

that is a VERY cute picture!