Utah Trip - Dave's Wedding

In April we went to Utah for my brother David's wedding to a awesome girl - Tessa. Though the trip was supper short - just three days - it was fun to see all the family together. Wish we would have had more time to get to know Tessa though.

The first day we made a trip to Temple Square. I always love visiting the temple I was married in. I hope my kids also make the choice to be married there too. We visited with each other and took a ton of pictures and let the kids run all over the place. We also took the chance to visit the church history museum. They had a great kids show.

This was one of the only pictures we got as a family. With such a short trip the two little boys were a bit grumpy and Jackson didn't feel all that great. I am amazed we even caught this one at the reception. 

Anne was trilled to hold the boquet for a moment during pictures - speaking of pictures - I am sad I didn't get any of my brother and Tessa. I left the camera in the car. That is how it goes with kids running all over the place. Managed to catch a few at the end of all the other professional pictures.

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Scott & Marcie said...

Great pictures, looks like lots of fun, except those who didn't feel well:(