the beach...in Erie

As you can see my kids are back where they belong. I think Andrew was in heaven yesterday with all the sand and water to play with. We spent our Memorial Day up in Erie at Lake Erie with Brigg and Hava. They fed us a yummy picnic lunch then a yummy dinner at their house after the kids played themselves out at the beach. We can't wait until the summer so we can visit Erie more often.

Do you see how happy he was? Zac and I both realized that we need to always be close to water and sand with this guy.

Yes, that is Brigg's head sticking out of the sand.

Thanks for letting us come play with you Hava and Brigg!


Harmony said...

How fun! Love the boats and kites picture!

Harmony said...

It's not quite as warm and pleasant as Hawaii though, is it?

Scott & Marcie said...

Looks like lots of fun, you sure can't tell that it's a lake! we're glad the kids had such a fun day!!

L C M said...

Your photos are so awesome. I can never get enough of your blog.

Howard Burton said...

They have wonderful sandy beaches on the west coast, like in Oregon and Washington. Let's start looking for that vacation home!
Glad you all had fun. see you in July!