Dinosaur Fieldtrip

Today was Anne's school fieldtrip to Bishop's Museum. She has been learning about Dinosaurs at school and today got go and see them live! Ok not live but they were so real looking that Andrew insisted on me holding him the whole time - for those of you who know Andrew you would know that this is really unusual. I didn't post the picuture of the most scary of the dinosaurs because of the grafic content...Andrew made me wait outside with him when Anne went into that room. It was one huge dinosaur eating another....quite bloody. We also got yet another chance to visit the volcano. The kids always love walking down the wildlife in Hawaii hallway as seen above. All in all a great fieldtrip!


Angela said...

These are fun pics! We saw some dinos at Pacific Science Center. Tierra was totally scared of them. I am so jealous to see your kids in shorts and sandals! It has been pouring down rain outside, for who knows how long, and it is very windy!

Anjuli said...

I love the pics. We also saw the diosaurs at the Pacific Science center. It was great experiance!

Elizabeth C said...

THat is sooo cool. Ethan loves Dinosaurs too, and I haven't taken him to a place with dino exhibits or anything. It makes me wonder if he will be scared of them too.