Adventures with Darlin and Picklenose

Day 1: Strait from the airport we took Grandma and Grandpa down to Honolulu for some sight seeing.

Dinner on the beach....who can complain. We went to this great place on Waikiki where they have you cook your own meat. If you look closely you can see Zac and Picklenose sweating while they cooked.

Day 2: Have fun at the pool....

Day 3: Visit Ko'olina Beach...go snorkling of course! We saw the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (Unofficial state fish of Hawaii, I just love saying the name of that fish, mostly because I can!)


Anjuli Fry said...

How Fun!!! I can't wait until family comes to visit us!! Hey can you email me some fun places to take the kids here in MD. Colin is asking to go to the pirate ship park but I have no idea where it is. Help

Megan & Jeremy said...

Hawaii looks as beautiful and fun as ever!!! Wish we could come visit one more time before you guys leave, but we're pretty poor :) Dinner looks amazing right there on the ocean front! How cool!
That's a great pic of you and Zac trying to kiss-darn those snorkel masks!

Angela said...

Picklenose?? How does Pres. Turner feel about that, when his wife gets to be called Darlin'? That is hilarious!! When my neice was two, she called her Auntie Tiffany, Auntie Tubby because Teletubbies was the only T word she knew. Boy, I was glad my name didn't start with a T. LOL!!