Klavons Ice Cream

OK, I seriously thought I had all the pictures off my camera from Pittsburgh but it seems I was wrong. A few weeks before we left I discovered Klavon's Ice Cream. I really wish I had found this place sooner. Klavon's is a old fashion soda fountain. They have been around for years. I think they opened originally in 1929 or around there as a Pharmacy. The owner's kids decided to reopen as a ice cream shop. I am grateful they did. This time was our second time there in two weeks. We thought it would be fun to take Brigg there as he just graduated from Pharmacy school and they had all the old Pharmacy items on display. One of the owner's even took Brigg and Zac in the back to show them some really cool stuff. The brothers and sisters that run the place are so nice and friendly. At one point Jackson dropped his ice cream on the ground and she ran back to get another for him. When he started crying after he had finished that one she brought him another one...on the house. So sweet.

They had this really cool old fashioned phone booth in the back. The lady asked if I knew what that was...I'm not that young!

They had a really neat painted wall in their parking lot. Hava decided that Zac and I needed to learn how to do jumping pictures. I think we are naturals.

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Scott & Marcie said...

Cool store, nostalgia is fun. Loved the jumping pictures. Way to go Zac, this doesn't seem to be your style, glad you joined in the fun:)