Happy 10th Birthday Anne

I was so bad at taking pictures for Anne's Birthday this year. We actually had a lot of fun. She wanted to go downtown to ride the Riverwalk Boat and since my sister Sierra was here it was the perfect thing to do. I didn't take my camera...so no pictures. Then we came back and Anne's friend called to wish her a Happy Birthday...turns out Anne loves talking on the phone. Let's put it this way. Sierra, Andrew and I were able to make and bake her birthday cupcakes while she chatted the day away. The girl likes to talk.

She had requested Olive Garden for her birthday dinner so by the time we got home from that and took Saturday night showers we almost forgot to eat the cupcakes. Anne was thrilled with her presents. Lot of books which was good because she managed to fall off her scooter a few days before and broke her left arm again. Lots of reading in her future. I still can't believe my little girl is 10. She is so amazing. With another boy on the way I am so grateful for her and the girliness she brings to our house. She has been such an amazing help to me these past months with Zac being gone. I like to call her my mini nanny. She just takes Jackson up to her room and they play so well forever. I love my Anne girl.

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Darlin and Pa said...

Beautiful girl INDSIDE and OUT!!