Wonderworld Park

While driving up to a camping trip with Zac the kids spotted a billboard for Wonder World. They really wanted to check it out. We looked it up and it looked like a fun/non-hot activity we could all do as a family after all they advertised FREE parking. Turns out we felt like we were in one of Chevy Chase's National Lampoon movies. Included in the "tour" is a ride on the small train to the petting zoo, a tour through the cave and then into the anti-gravity house. I think Jackson got a hoot out of the train ride and liked seeing the animals up close but he didn't want to touch or feed them. The train ride was a bit silly...the petting zoo was a bit sad but it was a train so like I said, Jackson was happy.

The cave was a bit more interesting. It was a touch cave so we were happy that we didn't have to keep Jackson from touching everything. Nice.

The nature made "toilet" rock. The kids thought it hilarious and both had to try it out before we left.

From the cave we took a elevator up to a 110 foot tower. From up there we could see just how flat Texas really is. 

The anti-gravity room was run...but hot.


Daniel B. said...

The only problem with the anti-gravity room is that your hair doesn't hang...giving way the trick.

Scott & Marcie said...

LOVE the rock toilet and that your kids wanted to try it out! Great pic of the ostrich, too:)