Thanksgiving in Springfield

This year we spent Thanksgiving up in Springfield with the entire Turner family. It was so nice to all be together and to watch all the kids play. The four older kids ate Thanksgiving at their own little table. All the food was so yummy. Megan and Jeremy did such a good job cooking everything. Thanks for having us up.

Jackson and Emma had their own little table.

I don't know what Zac was smiling at but Thomas doesn't think it is as funny.

Grandpa Pickle and Grandma Darlin.

The boys had just finished eating their pie without hands. Much better that way I guess.

Of course there was a lot of wrestling with Brigg. 

We went to a park to take a family photo. It was freezing but not too cold for the kids to chase ducks.

We came home and made our own Thanksgiving on Sunday. After all what would the week after look like without leftovers?

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Scott & Marcie said...

Fun times! We ALWAYS come home and make our own Thanksgiving for the very same reason. Those are the best left-overs of the year!