Singing in the Rain

"Just singing and dancing in the rain..."

Ok so Anne has gotten a bit of my flair for the dramatics. It was raining a lot today...kind of unusual for our side of the island. Anyway the kids were loving it. Of course Anne gets the umbrella out and starts dancing around singing "I'm singing in the rain, just sining in the rain!" So I ran for the camera. Yes Dad this is one of those moments that I long for a video camera. Anyway it was such a great moment I had to share it.


Elizabeth C said...

Sooo cute!! They are definitely Washington type kids.

Angela said...

My kids love to play in the rain too! My siblings and I used to, too! At least your rain is warm, so you don't have to worry about them getting sick. While we were in Florida, we sat through warm rain and it wasn't too bad.

Megan & Jeremy said...

Rain and still wearing shorts and sandals...sigh...that sounds just like Anne to be singing that song on a day like that!