Valley of the Temples

Zac has the week off so we have been playing tourist! These are some pictures from our visit to "The Valley of the Temples" Really this is a cemetary with a really neat replica of a famous Buddist Temple from Japan. It was built to celebrate the anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants who came to Hawaii. The kids were very facinated by the huge statue of Budda that was inside the temple. It was all very neat...just a side note. This entire temple was built without one metal nail! Can you believe it?
BuddaZac ringing the huge "Gong" The sound it made when it hit made me feel like I was at a monistary or something. It was really neat.
One of the smaller temples on the grounds

Budda. The kids loved this guy.

Zac ringing the "GONG" as the kids called it. It made a wonderful sound.

The kids at one of the gazebos on the grounds of the temple.


Anjuli said...

I am jealous, this must have been so much fun..I bet it is good to have Zac to yourself for the week.

Kim Garner said...

Craig and I went here on our honeymoon! Funny to see pictures of it....again after 12 years!

Harmony said...

Wow, these pictures totally remind me of my mission to Japan. Sounds like you had a fun family outing.