Halloween Mask Parade

Instead of dressing up in costumes at school they had a mask parade. The masks HAD to be homemade. It really turned out to be fun. It was interesting to see all the creativity flowing around. In case you all are wondering, Anne designed her mask and I constructed the mask. Hot glue is hard enough for me to handle!

Anne's class won the door decorating contest so they got to lead the mask parade. It was so cute, Anne walked through the school halls saying, "Happy Halloween" to everyone all the while waving.

Anne also got her first "Glow" Award today. This is an award system they do here to help the children strive to be their best selves. It really does work!


Laura said...

What a fun idea! I love the masks. Way to go on the Glow award!

Daniel B. said...

Joy, she has your smile.

maren out my laundry said...

Anne's is cute, Andrews scares me a little heheheh. how fun!

Keri said...

The masks are cute, what a fun idea!! My favorite thing is that she is wearing flip flops at Halloween time though...not happening in Rexburg!