st. patrick's day shopping

Turns out we had the "luck of the Irish" today as we ventured out to the Waikele Outlet Stores. I went to get a shirt for Andrew for Easter and came home with tons of excellent deals. As you all know we are moving to Pittsburgh this June. For those of you who really know me you know I like to be prepared for the changing of the seasons clothes wise. In other words I have always shopped at the end of each season for the next year. Today was a good day. I was able to get sweaters and pants for both the kids...that is if they don't have a huge growth spurt between now and September.

Today the kids were little angels in the store so we decided to take a ride on the Waikele Trolley. Nothing exciting for me, but they really love it. We rode it down to Old Navy, shopped some more then rode it back up to the outlets. A perfect end to our shopping day.


Anjuli Fry said...

They are so cute!!! 8 weeks until baby and 3 months until Joy and kids (oh and Zac too) Every day that it is warm enough to go outside Colin asks if Anne and Andrew are going to move now. We are really excited.
oh there is a package on its way to you you should get it Friday hopefully!!!

Megan & Jeremy said...

Buddy and Anne look happy in green-glad you could get some great shopping in.
It's funny, but I completely forgot all about St. Patty's Day, man I didn't even wear green, luckily no pinches though.