jackson - 9 months

Another month gone by in a flash. My little man is growing up so fast and learning new things every day. Here are a few of his latest:
* He is now about 20 pounds...we had to take him to the hospital to get him weighed...long story but it involves having a nasty ear infection and hand, foot, mouth. (Yuck)
* He is now standing and trying his hardest to cruise along the furniture.
* He is the fastest crawler this side of Highland Park Ave. The kid sees something he wants and he gets it.
* He loves loves loves the pool. Which is probably how the hand, foot, mouth thing happened.
* He eats everything. He loves to eat whatever we are eating, especially ice cream...not that I gave him any...he he.
* He loves to be held...for about 3 seconds until he finds something he wants more.
* He can climb the stairs...ahhh!
* He now has 5 teeth.
We love Jackson so much. He is such a sweet baby. We are so so happy to have him in our lives.


Daniel B. said...

He's naked.

L C M said...

We have hand foot and mouth. Well, at least last week my brother, sister and neice caught the bug. Yuck. I am sorry. Don't you love how fast and far diseases can travel in our modern world.

Daniel B. said...

Just sometimes. Like in the summer times.

Daniel B. said...

But I am sure he is not always naked.

Scott & Marcie said...

He's growing so fast! We're glad you have this little darling in your family too!

BBB said...

What a cutie! I can't wait to meet him.