Andrew's Birthday

Poor Andrew....I was so prepared with his birthday. I knew we would be moving so I bought everything ahead of time. I made sure to know right where the packers packed all the presents. Then our stuff didn't arrive...for two weeks. So Andrew's Birthday came and we had no presents. Lucky for us Andrew had two really good sets of Grandparents who sent presents and saved the day. We took Andrew to Cars 2 and of course we had to go to his favorite restaurant Red Robin just like last year and the year before...he loves that place.

So the Sunday after our stuff finally came he was so excited. He and I made his brownie cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips...so much chocolate I thought I would be sick but he LOVED it. I don't know if it was the fact that he hadn't had any Legos or toys for a month but he was SO excited to get his gifts. We should do that every year before his birthday...just kidding.

We couldn't find any other paper for cards so Anne wrote her card right on the package. Isn't it cute?

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Darlin and Pa said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! Looks like you got some fun stuff:) Anne's card was very cute and so were all your crazy smiles!!