First Day of School 2011

It's that time of year again. The kids were very excited to go back to school. I think they were ready to make new friends. We have been practicing getting up at 6:00 am for the last week so they would be ready to get on the bus at 6:56am for school that starts at 7:40. The morning actually went really well. Anne was nervous to she got up at 5:10am and was all ready and down stairs reading when I woke up at 6. We had scriptures, the kids ate breakfast and they still had a little time to play which is great in their books. I woke up Jackson at 6:45 and we all piled into the car (they wanted us to drive them their first day).

Zac dropped us off and I walked Anne to the gym where the older kids wait for the first bell to ring. I then walked Andrew to the cafeteria where the lower grades sit and read until the bell. They both seemed pretty confident with starting a new school. I feel bad they have had so much experience in doing so.

Anne's 1st day (in her words):

First I went into the classroom then sat down at my seat. Then Mrs. Westhoefer and Mrs. U introduced themselves. Then they gave us Tee Shirts to draw what we did during the summer. Then Mrs. Westhoefer gave us a tour of the school. Then we had snack time. Then we finished our T. Shirts then lunch. We had recess then we had Links with gym and math activities. Then we passed our papers, got our stuff, got on the bus and went home.

Andrew's Day (in his words):

First we went inside the classroom and sat down. We had a white sheet of construction paper on our desk. We drew what we did in the summer that was fun. I drew us moving. Mrs. Davies gave us our homework and our green homework folder. Then we had recess then snacks. Then we had a few minutes of quiet time. Then we had lunch. Then we finished our pictures. Then we got ready to go home then we went home.


Daniel B. said...

Anne, those arms look great! Glad to see your casts off!

Scott & Marcie said...

We always love your "back-to-school" blog. Can't wait to see Anne's
t-shirt and Andrew's moving picture. How did Jackson do without them home?