Fairy Tale Book Battle

Last week Andrew had the chance to participate in the 2nd Grade Fairy Tale Battle of the Books. It's like the regular Battle of the Books but only with Fairy Tale books. You are probably wondering about the cowboy costumes...the book battle just happened to land on their school's Rodeo Day. Gotta love Texas. Andrew's team didn't win but he is excited to prepare for the real battle of the books next year in 3rd grade.


Scott & Marcie said...

Love your costume Andrew, you make the best cowboy! Tell us about the Battle of the Books, it's new to us! Sorry you didn't win, but good for you to participate in anything associated with books!!

Lynette said...

Cute, Cute posts lately. :) Glad Zac is doing well. When you were looking for a fun vacation I was going to suggest a Disney Cruise! Then I remembered, they won't let anyone on over 24 weeks. You'll be beyond that right....way beyond that if I'm accurate? :) We are for sure going to NC, so the good news is, if you ever vacation there again....you can stop and stay with us on your way to the beach!! :) Hope all is well and that your feeling good. :)