My Own Cupid

Andrew has been studying Greek Mythology in school for the month of February. A few weeks ago the kids put on a wax museum. Andrew was Eros or as he is better known as Cupid. He actually designed the entire outfit then instructed me how to put it together. We had a lot of fun doing it together. On the day of I arrived at the school to find all the second grade dressed up in amazing costumes with a memorized paragraph ready to be recited when their "button" was pushed. Andrew did great. He had memorized his part on the first day it was given to him a few weeks earlier so he was pretty confident. He had been planning on giving out chocolate hearts to everyone but was vetoed by his teacher. I am so grateful for such a wonderful school that continually challenges my kids to stretch their creativity.


Scott & Marcie said...

Andrew, you made a very handsome Cupid(Eros). We're so glad Mom sent us a video of you reciting your part! You were great!!

Zachary Turner said...

Andrew-I love your costume and am proud you did so well. Love you!

Zachary Turner said...

Andrew-love your costume-I'm so proud of the good job you did. Can't wait to see the video-Dad