Corpus Christi

One of the days over our Spring Break the kids and I made the three hour drive down to the Gulf of Mexico to Corpus Christi for a day on the beach. It was so worth the drive. When we first arrived it was a bit cloudy and muggy but as the day went on the sun came out and the mugginess blew away. It was wonderful. 

 The two older kids were fearless. The jumped right into the water and didn't come back out for at least a hour. I think they missed their Hawaii days.

Jackson on the other had a bit of a hard time with the sand. We finally got him to take his shoes off...he didn't like the feel of sand on his feet but the getting him to walk anywhere was a huge deal. He spent the first  hour sitting next to me with his feet raised up off the ground. It was kind of funny. It reminded me of my first time to the beach when we first moved to Hawaii. I couldn't stand all the sand everywhere. He must be my child.

I finally convinced him to play in the sand with a shovel and a cup...as long as the sand did not come in contact with his hands. 

Wish I would have gotten a video of Anne dancing on the beach. 

I again didn't have my camera out for it but a funny story...Anne was eating her chips. All of a sudden we heard all this squawking so we looked up. There were like 20-30 seagulls circling around us. Anne freaked out and started running away and of course all the seagulls followed her. I was laughing but I think Anne was a bit scared. She finally just threw her chips down and ran away from the seagulls. Talk about crazy birds.


Scott & Marcie said...

Love the beach! It's always a fun day to play in the sand and water. Cute pictures of those cute kids!! Looks like Jackson finally got his hands dirty:)

Sara said...

Love those beach pictures! I love the one of Anne dancing. Good mom for taking them to the beach by yourself and pregnant!!!