Easter Eggs

Around here I like to do Easter festivities on Saturday so we can concentrate on the true meaning of Easter on Sunday. This year we did sand buckets and a few treats...I really hate that every holiday seems to revolve around candy candy candy. The kids also dyed their eggs. I was pretty proud of myself. I don't usually like to do eggs because of the fear of dye spilling everywhere but since Zac was gone I decided to do it anyway. The kids did really well, even Jackson. They were all really careful while using each color.

We did a small Easter Egg hunt in the back yard. After they finished the kids said I hid them too easy and they went ahead and hid them again and again then had Jackson find them. They probably did this three or four times till they got too warm. Yes, it is already warm here in Texas.

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Scott & Marcie said...

The eggs are so brightly colored! Either the dye is better or your kids are more patient and leave them in the cups longer! Cute pictures. Sounds like a fun Saturday:)