Strawberry Picking

 I was determined to pick strawberries this year (we missed last year because we were moving). Everything grows here a few months earlier then the rest of the country (we are used to picking our strawberries the beginning of June). The kids and I asked around and found Marburger Orchard, about a hour north of us. It was totally worth the trip too. The day was slightly chilly (65-70) which meant no sweating and hardly anyone was there which we always love. Unfortunately the season was coming to a end to the strawberries were slightly small but they were perfect to freeze for smoothies. LOVE!

The flowers were gorgeous. I couldn't stop myself from taking way too many pictures of just flowers.

 Jackson would have stayed there all day running up and down the rows. He was a sweaty mess by the time we finally left just from running back and forth. The two older kids were really good sports to keep racing him back and forth.

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Darlin and Pa said...

Yummy! Cute pictures, I love the running ones:) Don't think I've ever seen a cleaner strawberry farm!!