Jackson's Birthday

We waited to celebrate Jackson's birthday till Saturday when Daddy was home (he travels to Ft. Hood once a month) and when Darlin and Pickle were here. Per his request we went to Red Robing for dinner then home for cupcakes and presents. He had requested a cupcake train so I came up with this. So glad I didn't spend much time with that request because he spent about 2.5 seconds on his cupcake then ran off to play with his new toys.

He is very in to trains right now. This train was from Anne.

Andrew has a train just like this in his room and now we have a Jackson train too. Thanks Grandma Darlin.

Showing off his new Superman cape. Best birthday present I ever made. He loved it.

Grandma Darlin had watched Jackson pretend to rip off his shirt multiple times over Skype when he was showing her how he played Superman. She got the great idea to make a rip away shirt. She bought a white shirt and added Velcro. He put on his Superman cape then the rip away shirt and asked for his Superman music (thanks John Williams) and proceeded to be in Superman heaven over and over. 


Lisa said...

He is so beautiful. I wish you lived closer.

Scott & Marcie said...

One of the most fun birthdays we've ever witnessed. So glad we could join you all. Thanks for a great visit:)