Let's Go to the Park

All Jackson wanted for his birthday were balloons and "go to park" So we put a ton of balloons in his room while he was sleeping and I took him to the park. Now I know this isn't all that big of deal but for some reason that day it became a big deal. My normally sweet sleepy baby wouldn't sleep and instead decided to make himself known by screaming bloody murder. Plus although it was October it was still hot and humid and let me tell you carrying a baby in a front carrier and running around after Jackson was a recipe for being a sweaty mess. Other then all that when we finally got to the park we did have some fun. We walked all over, tried all the new exercise equipment (also not easy with a baby in a front carrier), and found some really cool snail shells. Happy Birthday my big boy.

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Scott & Marcie said...

Cute boy! Love the Superman boots:)