Zac found us a great hike for Saturday. I had just fallen and broken my tail bone...ouch, but I really wanted to go on the hike. I had thought we would stay on the paved walk but the kids had other plans and off onto the the side paths we went. Not the easy walk I intended but the kids had so much fun exploring all the rocks and such along the way. 

I love this one of my parents. 

This one makes me laugh. I think Andrew reached up to give Grandma a kiss and she reached down to kiss him...they both missed the other's cheek and landed a lip kiss. We tried to get another picture but a big wind came up and blew the camera sideways...didn't want to risk the camera again. Andrew just can't resist a good kiss. 

Thomas got tired toward the end of the hike. Zac worked his magic and put him right to sleep. 

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Darlin and Pa said...

So glad you had a great time! Sure do love you.