Pickly and Darlin come for a visit

 Darlin and Pickle came for a short visit over Easter weekend. We had a lot of fun. I had heard on the radio earlier that week about some kind of baseball game that was going on that weekend at the Alamo Dome. I mentioned it to everyone and we all agreed it would be a blast. So Saturday morning we did our Easter Egg hunt (pictures in the next post) and then told the kids we had a surprise. We didn't tell them until we walked up to the building. They loved it. We have so missed baseball while living here in San Antonio...we are so happy they planned a pre-season game here.

 I think Pickle might regret this picture but it made me laugh. They didn't want to get rid of their gum but they wanted those nuts! What better place to keep it then their noses. 

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Scott & Marcie said...

LOVED the gum on the noses pic!! You're right, Dad doesn't like the pic very much. I think it's hilarious. Loved the visit as always!