no school

Today school was canceled. I think it was something to do with the fact that it is 5 degrees outside, although it could be some other reason. This led to great happiness in our house. More sleep for mom, more play for Anne and Andrew. We picked up Zac from work (he was on call at the hospital last night) and took him to a breakfast/lunch at a fun little cafe just south of Pittsburgh. It was super yummy. Zac said it was just like the breakfast I made. I thought it was better, mostly because I didn't have to cook it.
Zac fell sleep on the way home...so I had the kids go upstairs for a "quiet time." Let's just say there was more fun happening than quiet. While they were upstairs I was able to finish a skirt I was making for Anne. I made this one out of a old sheet set I used to sleep on when I was little. My mom was so nice to give them to me in June. I finished the skirt and Anne wanted to try it on for a spin. On went the music of course. She and Andrew are quite the dancers together. Very cute.

I love pictures of the kids when they aren't smiling because I told them to but out of pure happiness. All this spinning truly was making them smile.


L C M said...

Love the skirt!!

Havalah said...

cute skirt. I sure do remember those sheets.