mini golf

The title says it all. We passed this place on our way home the other day and had to come back. We had the place all to ourselves so we just took our time playing. After Andrew figured out that it wasn't like hockey he did pretty well. Anne....well Anne was really good at "pushing" her ball into the hole. She did manage to get a hole in one on the final hole which won her a free banana split. Love that! They had this great little ice cream joint attached. You know the kind...huge portions at great prices and a million combinations to decide from. Love that even more.

Anne with her "huge" banana split. Can you believe that she almost polished it off?

Andrew stuck to his favorite...chocolate.

I stuck to my favorite too. Chocolate Ice cream with brownie underneath...I didn't even get close to finishing mine. Don't worry Andrew was more then happy to help.


Annie said...

Good times! Your kids are adorable!

Harmony said...

Love the pic of Andrew and his ice cream cone!

Mary said...

Yeah Anne! Who says normal technique pays off? Way to get an Ace when it counts!