Christmas Eve in Hawaii

When we had our first Christmas in Hawaii we decided to make it Christmas Eve tradition to go to the beach. This year was so much fun. We actually haven't been to the beach since October - I know, so sad, but it has been a bit rainy. So here we are getting our tans back and enjoying the sun. I think Andrew has really missed the water, he was a bit crazy. Thanks Dad for the awesome tri-pod - I didn't even have to balance my camera on a rock this time! Above is the "beach" picture you requested.

I know you all have been having your fun sledding in the snow...but have you ever tried this kind of sledding. The kids had fun, Zac got a workout, and I laughed and laughed.

That night we had our usual Christmas Eve pizza and root beer floats then we read the Nativity story together and the kids acted it out. Andrew played not only Joseph but also the wise man. He ended up giving all the presents under our tree to baby Jesus. It was very sweet.


The Wilhelm Family said...

Just how you miss the snow, I miss the wonderful lagoons in Hawaii. Seeing your pictures brings back great memories of October. Andrew and Peter keep asking me when we are going to go back to Hawaii. We really had a great time...especially playing all day with you guys!

Megan & Jeremy said...

That is a great tradition, if you guys end up in California you may be able to carry it on, just with jackets and pants instead of swim suits :)

Angela said...

Sounds like you totally lived up your Christmas in Hawaii! Looks like a lot of fun!

Anjuli Fry said...

Sun.....ok warm sun!!!! We have had a lot of sunny days but today it was 28 degrees out!!!! Love all your pictures and miss you guys. Can't wait to hear how all of Zac's meetings go with the fellowship people... really hope he likes Pittsburg. As soon as I find out I am starting to plan a trip to see you. Well as soon as the baby is big enough any way.