Grandma Darlin's Sugar Cookies

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is making Grandma Darlin's sugar cookies. Now this tradition dates back to our early years of marriage. Christmas came around and Zac told me that I have to learn out to make his mom's sugar cookies. They are his favorite. So I learned. Now I make the dough then Zac and the kids roll and squish then sprinkle. They really are yummy cookies, you can't eat just one.

Our finished product...never as good as Grandma's but still quite yummy!


Megan & Jeremy said...

that makes me hungry, oh and we DO have the same dining table, i think you mentioned that before and that we have the same dresser too, i must say joy you have excellent taste in furniture ;)

The Wilhelm Family said...

Looks yummy...I would love the recipe. I am still looking for a good sugar cookie recipe! This year I bought the already made cookie dough because I didn't know how much I would feel like doing...oh well!