christmas day 1

Because Seattle was nailed with 15 or 16 inches of snow some of our Christmas guests were delayed by a few days. Try telling that to a six and four year old though. So we decided to have two Christmas'. Of course Anne was our Mary...a part that she will fight for each year.
Here is our Joseph...he said he just wanted to watch.

We were lucky enough to have a piano player in our house for Christmas. Thanks to Hava we sang every Christmas song we could think of.

I love the look of happiness when a child finally gets through the paper and sees their gift...priceless.

Andrew asked me to take this picture. He was so excited for this gift he didn't want to open anything else.

We were so lucky to have Grammy Wilson (Zac's Grandma) with us this Christmas. I so enjoyed getting to know her better.

Go Fish, a popular game on Christmas Day.


shannon said...

Hi Joy! It looks like you had a fabulous time with family and fun traditions! How are you liking your new place? Guess what? We are moving to Hawaii--so naturally I thought of you! I need the juice on where to rent/buy. We will be stationed at Hickam AFB, but working at Tripler. Will you please email me and give me your opinion on the market there and where is nice (safe) to live? Also any commute info would be greatley beneficial!! (egus78@gmail.com) Thanks!!!

Darlin and Pa said...

I loved the picture of Grammy and Anne. Grammy had SO much fun. She really enjoyed getting to know Joy, Havalah and Jeremy better - as well as her darling great-grandchildren!