happy thanksgiving

Here in the Turner house we had a interesting Thanksgiving. As you can see I had lots of help making the meal. Unfortunately Zac was on call - but fortunately Brigg and Hava were able to come and join us for the feast.

I put Anne in charge of the rolling out of the rolls. She took her job very seriously. Andrew helped to carry them over to the pans once they were cut out...this must be how bite marks appeared in all the rolls.
Zac made it home just before we ate and had to leave to go back to the hospital right after we finished but we were just happy to have him with us at all!

I attempted to make our turkey worthy of Martha Stewart. Unfortunately I forgot that a turkey has to cook for much longer than 2 hours. The turkey was finished cooking about the time that we finished eating everything else....bummer. Don't laugh. Zac usually does the turkey.

The first time I ever carved a turkey...

Zac and Brigg looking at the turkey heart. Yes, I know, gross.

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Megan and Jeremy said...

Anne's hair is so cute! Is that a Havalah creation? If we have a girl someday I will have to hire her to be their hairdresser because I am all thumbs when it comes to stuff like that!