popcorn and cranberries

Growing up, stringing the popcorn and cranberries was one of my most favorite Christmas traditions. All six of us would gather around the table and talk and string. I even remember one year when we used my dad's microwave butter popcorn. I think that year we ate more than we strung onto the string. I have been wanting to start this tradition with Anne and Andrew but for whatever reason just never did. This year it finally happened. The popcorn was popped the cranberries fresh and beautiful and the kids were thrilled that I would let them hold a needle...I know scary. But to my surprise I found that both kids were patient and skilled with the needle. Even my crazy Andrew slowly strung his popcorn onto the string. I think we have a new tradition.

Don't you just love the concentration on his face?

Anne was loving "sewing" the popcorn and cranberries onto the string. She asked if this was how I made her skirts. Thanks goodness no!

We rushed out the door to go pick up Zac from work...the table still looks like this three days later...the kids sew a little when they run through the room.

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Mary said...

So glad to hear you don't hand stitch her cute skirts. What a funny girl.