my own super saturday

Sorry no pictures to show. I just wanted to tell you all of a new Turner tradition started last month and continued last Saturday. I am the Enrichment Leader in our ward so last month I was in charge of our Super Saturday (a day where all the ladies in our church get together and go crazy crafting). While I was at the church Zac took the kids to the Natural History Museum. They had a blast and ever since Andrew has been asking when my next Super Saturday was. I tried to tell him that I can only do one of those a year but he insisted that we do another one. So this past Saturday Zac asked what we should do. I told him I just had too many things to do here at home and could not go anywhere. Andrew and Anne said "Let's have another Super Saturday!" So they did. I stayed at home and Zac took the kids to the Science Center. I think they left at 10:30 am and didn't come home again until 5:30pm!!! Can you believe it?! Zac said they were just having so much fun they didn't want to leave.

Meanwhile I got ALL the laundry done, took a shower without any interruptions, finished one skirt for Anne, made another skirt for a Christmas present, made a bag for myself, finished putting the lights on the Christmas tree, hung more lights around the house, and managed to watch a "chick flick". Now that is what I call a SUPER SATURDAY! When Zac got home he asked if I would like to do this more often. YES!!! So every once in a while we will have Super Saturday. Thank you my love for making such a wonderful day possible for me and the kids. I LOVE YOU!!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best Super Saturday ever! We'll have to bounce ideas off each other - I've been the enrichment counselor since we moved here. Always looking for new fresh ideas!

Megan and Jeremy said...

Zac's a stud :-) Nice to have a day to yourself for sure.