Bellows Beach

This is one of our favorite beaches here in Hawaii. It is on Bellows Air Force Base and beautiful! As you can see the water is blue and the sand just about white. We finally broke down and got our own boogie board last night just for the trip. I had so much fun...I haven't boogie-boarded since 8th grade! As you can see the kids also had a blast trying the board out in the shallow water. Anne also had tons of fun practicing swimming under water. Just a year ago she would even stick her head in salt water - now I have a fish for a daughter.


Anjuli Fry said...

Wow that brings back memories!! Great pictures!! I miss you guys alot!

mollie said...

My dear friend, I know you miss the cold....but looking at these pictures on a cold, dark Sunday in Wa., let me guarantee you that you are not missing anything! Beautiful pictures!

Angela said...

Okay, all I can say is I'm jealous! :)