Flower Garden

I had the most beautiful day in my garden and thought I would share it. The yellow and orange flowers are hibiscus, the fushia and light pink are plumeria trees. I have been waiting for a year and a half for the plumeria trees to bloom. It was worth the wait.


Megan & Jeremy said...

that top picture is absolutely gorgeous, all the flowers are pretty but that is my favorite one. do you think plumeria trees would grow in michigan!? haha...yeah right. i love the plumeria lotion they have at bath and body works too. were they some of the things that you guys planted when we were there last summer? i can't wait until we can have a garden too.

Anjuli said...

Know I am really Jealous. I can't wait until I can plant my own stuff too.

Zac and Joy said...

The dark fushia one I planted last summer but the light pink one was here when we moved in. It was about to die but I fed it Miracle Grow until it became healthier.