Zoo Day

Zac had the day off today so we too a field trip to the Honolulu Zoo. The kids love the palce. Today we had a hard time just getting past the elephants (they are the first animal we got to). This is Andrew current favorite animal for us to draw on his magnadoodle. They have a wonderful Keiki Zoo as well. The kids can pet the animals and crawl in all the tunnels and caves they have made for them - I wish they would make the adult size!


Angela said...

Okay so can I say that you have some stinkin cute kids!! Also that elephant pic looks like a statue because it is so perfect. Adorable pics Joy! Also, that is crazy that you guys know Dan and Celeste!! I wondered because they went to UHSU or whatever. Funny, because I was just telling Celeste yesterday, that she should email you and my cousin Teresa because she was talking about how it would be nice to relate to someone that has their husband gone all the time. Maybe you guys could make a LDS Doctors Wives Blog. (Sorry I am just a blogging fool!)

Anjuli Fry said...

I am jealous!! I can't wait until we are closer to zoos and things. I love Ellensburg but there isn't anything like this for the kids.

I can't believe how big Andrew is getting!!! And Anne looks more like you with every picture!!!