Visit from Grandma Darlin

On sunday we had our primary program. It was wonderful but I was tired so I lay down for a short nap before the baptism of one of my primary kids. While I was sleeping Anne and Grandma played beauty parlor. Isn't Anne's hair awesome! They used every single hair clip we own.
Dad came home from Japan today! He was gone 10 days...so Grandma and Anne made his favorite sugar cookies. Anne is getting to be quite the helper.

Today we went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. We rode the Pineapple Express and fed the fish and of course had the yummy pineapple icecream...my personal favorite!


Anjuli said...

Great Pictures!!! Colin loves looking at them and is starting to know exacttly who Anne and Andrew are!! Though sometimes he calls Anne, Andrew which considering the names its understandable.

Elizabeth C said...

Cute pics of Marcie and your kids! That is neat that she got to come and visit!

Angela said...

You know, I thought Anne was 100% Burton, but now I don't know. That picture with Marcie sure shows that theory is wrong! Love the hair clips pictures! Girls are so fun!

Anjuli said...

Angela is right they sure have the same smile. It is amazing how quickly children can look like either family depending on who they are standing by.