6 years ago today...

It seems like just yesterday that they sent us home from the hospital with my sweet baby. I remember thinking they were crazy to trust me with the life of another human. The next six weeks after that were a bit of a blur. Anne had made her presence known in our lives. Here are a few things I love about Anne.
* I love her laugh...she has the cutest giggle.
* I love when she dances like no one is watching...all the time.
* I love her imagination.
* I love to hear her vibrato when she sings...she is really working on it.
* I love that she loves skirts.
* I love that like me she likes to sleep just a bit longer in the morning.
* I love to hear her read.
* I love her curls.
* I love to watch her playing with her brother.
* I love that she is sensitive to other's feelings.
* I love that when I sing her "Smile" every night she pretends to be asleep.
* I love that she is my girl.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


Megan & Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday sweet Anne!!! That is a great recent picture of her. And the one in the middle I think is one of my very favorites! Whatta smile

Anjuli Fry said...

Happy Birthday!! I love how much she looks like you, except the curls, I love how they are like mine. HEHE I can't believe she is 6 all ready!

Havalah and Brigg said...

wow, she is getting so old. That last picture looks SO MUCH like you Joy.

Mary said...

What a vivacious girl! I still remember when we visited you guys in MD. She would come down every morning and say "hi friend"! She is way too loveable.

Daniel B. said...

Happy birthday! Gift on the way!

Lynette said...

Oh, the sad part is that I remember Anne most as she is in the top two pics - she has grown so much! Hopefully we'll be moved together again in the future. Happy Birthday Anne!

jenn said...

Happy Birthday to Anne!