Anne's party

Here are some of the highlights from Anne's birthday. This year we just had a family party. I can only handle so many parties with her friend so we took this year off. All in all we had a blast. We had pizza for dinner then cake and ice cream. For those of you who aren't up on the latest Disney stuff....let me explain the cake. Anne had originally wanted a Giselle cake. But because I was too tired and didn't want to wait for the cake to cool before removing from the bowl I cooked it in the night before it fell apart. So this is what I came up with then next day with much help from Zac. I thought the idea and he made it come to life. Thus we present the "Pixie Hollow" Cake! She loved it!

This also was a combined effort. Zac willingly donated the jeans and his time. I never would have gotten those ears in without you! She loved the horse too and promptly dropped all other gifts to ride around the living room. Thus it was a success.

Happy Birthday Anne!

We sent Anne up stairs to play games with Andrew while Zac and I decorated. This was her reaction.

Sporting her new duds...


Anjuli Fry said...

I love the cake and the horse!!! She is just to cute/cool! I can't wait to see you guys!

Darlin and Pa said...

Sweet Anne! Happy birthday! Even though we couldn't be with you, it is so much fun to see all that you did for your birthday! I love the cake, Daddy tried to explain it to me, and now I can see it! Your new clothes are darling! We love you so much!!

Daniel B. said...

She's a total babe and 99% her mother's daughter. happy birthday!