may festival

Friday was a great day. Every year at Anne's school the have their May Fest. Each grade sings a song or dances a hula...or something Hawaiian related. Andrew and I dropped off Anne at her class room then took our beach chair to claim a good seat for Anne's performance. Anne has been singing her song all week at home. I really don't know how she remembers all the words as they are in Hawaiian and repeat themselves in all sorts of different ways. Poor Andrew though. As the kindergarten was second to last we had to sit out in the HOT sun while each grade filed on, sand their song, then filed off. After each grade Andrew would ask if we could leave...poor guy. When Anne finally came on he was so excited to see her sing...then asked if we NOW could leave. What a trooper!


Here is a video of Anne singing about a Hawaiian boy looking for his lost sister, or something like that...


Anjuli Fry said...

I can't believe she has finished Kindergarten all ready!! She is a great little singer I can't wait to see you guys in person. Less then a month hurrah!!

Daniel B. said...

Serious, now, if she looked any more like you did at that age, I might play tricks on her like I did you.